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Gregory Malia

greg malia Gregory MaliaRev. Gregory Malia, 44, a Pennsylvania Episcopal priest, was charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct after a bar fight involving his estranged daughters, their boyfriends and Malia’s two female companions. Police said he pulled a gun at the River Street Ale House in Luzerne and kept his daughters’ boyfriends at bay while one of his companions fought with his daughters. “My heart is broken,” Marilyn Malia, 23, told the Daily News as she nursed a broken nose. They beat the living hell out of me, and my father just stood there and watched and enjoyed it, and protected the girls who beat me.” Police said Malia fled the scene with the two women in a black Jaguar but was later arrested. Malia, a hemophiliac, made headlines last year when the Daily News revealed he was a club legend known as “Father Greg” who doled out 5-figure tips and bought Dom Perignon for strangers.

UPDATE – Malia was defrocked from the Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem, Pa., on grounds he “abandoned the communion of this church.”

Source: NY. Daily News / Clergy Abuse

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  1. David says:

    Shocking… Maybe but what I find interesting is that Malia was taken to a local hospital with injuries to his chest, rib cage and abdomen and needed blood transfusions ! It’s also no where to be found that this daughter “Marilyn” knew of her fathers frail condition while she lived with him and refused to assist him in any fashion, including providing food or water, as he bled to the point of being near death when an employee found him. Malia pled “no contest” and it was accepted because Malia claimed he didn’t understand why it was wrong to defend himself while his life was in imminent danger. Malias daughters and their boyfriends never claimed he held the gun on anyone at any time under oath, apparently much of this was a scam.

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